The Westmorland Family with the Harrington Family

We’re delighted to announce that all the milk we now use in Cumbria is from the Harrington family farm, just up the road.

Working with a local farm and a local dairy is a great way for us to do our bit to maintain the sustainability of Cumbrian dairy farms. Farming is a challenge during the best of times and having a stable and reliable local market for milk is crucial for farmers.

The farming family producing our milk are the Harringtons, who have farmed at Mounsey Bank Farm in Cumbria for three generations and have perfected superior quality milk with a high butterfat percentage. Their herd of 130 pedigree Friesians graze outdoors on Cumbrian pastures and are only milked enough to extract a rich and creamy product, perfect for all our hot drinks and baking in our Kitchens. We’ve also worked with the farm to produce a new bottled milk which customers will be able to buy in our Farmshops, a first for the farm.