Celebrating 10 years of Gloucestershire Gateway Trust

GGT Dinner - 002 (1)

On Tuesday 6th June, trustees and friends of Gloucestershire Gateway Trust, The Westmorland Family colleagues and representatives from the six local community partners came together to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Trust with a dinner at the House of Commons.

Gloucester Services and Gloucestershire Gateway Trust came together thanks largely to the Trust’s CEO, Mark Gale. Mark approached The Westmorland Family, owners and operators of Gloucester Services, with the idea of creating a motorway service area on the land they acquired with the help of the Tudor Trust and Summerfield Trust. Mark Gale and the Trust’s team were dedicated to the idea of a partnership between business and charity that would provide sustainable income and vital jobs for the local communities they worked within.

GGT Dinner

Ten years on, the dinner was the perfect celebration of all the charity has achieved and what is yet to come. Their anniversary year also coincides with the first large grant to be transferred to the charitable partners. In total the unique partnership between Gloucestershire Gateway Trust and Westmorland Family is estimated to create £10m for the charity partners over the next 20 years. The start of 2017 has seen each of the six local charity partners receive £10,000, directly from Gloucester Services profits.

The promise of a guaranteed annual income from Gloucestershire Gateway Trust and Gloucester Services partnership will enable the charities to plan ahead and continue the work that is vital to the Gloucestershire communities.

GGT Dinner 2

Sarah Dunning, Chairman of The Westmorland Family said “Gloucestershire Gateway Trust’s 10th anniversary is a great celebration. Without them, Gloucester Services would never have come to fruition and it was a big team effort to get it off the ground. The business now employs up to 400 people, with a quarter of those coming from the charity’s target communities. We hope that with our continued partnership, we will be able to work on many initiatives in the future which support those needing jobs and bring investment back into our local communities.”

The six charities receiving financial support through Gloucestershire Gateway Trust are all projects local to Gloucester Services. You can find out more about the charity partnership here.


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