Beautiful textiles made from 100% recycled plastic!

Beautiful and practical, we’re delighted to stock Weaver Green. Their range includes indoor and outdoor rugs, textiles and handbags that are 100% recycled!

With the knowledge that over 30 billion plastic bottles find their way into our seas each year, Weaver Green set out to create a solution to the problem. Their eco-friendly products are created by shredding and spinning recycled bottles into yarn, which is then hand weaved to make their unique textiles.


Now is the best time for making the most of your outdoor space and Weaver Green textiles are perfect for use in the garden. Weaver Green rugs look and feel like wool, but contain between 50 and 750 recycled plastic bottles each. Thanks to their recycled material, they’re the perfect addition to your seating area this summer.

Find Weaver Green in Gloucester Services and Tebay Services Farmshops now.