Elevate your outdoor cooking this summer with hand spun iron pans

Netherton Foundry is a family business located in South Shropshire. Inspired by the area’s industrial heritage, they create cookware using local materials that stand the test of time.

Each process, from casting the iron to turning the oak knobs, is done by hand. A craftsman spins their frying pans on a lathe from a single piece of iron. A spun pan is typically half the weight of a cast iron pan, making them great for a spot of outdoor cooking this summer! They’re also safe to use on almost any cooking appliance or open flame.


Cast and spun iron is a very good conductor and distributes heat evenly with no hot spots, making it perfect for browning and searing food. A well-seasoned cast iron pan will fry virtually fat free for exceptionally healthy cooking.

Netherton Foundry ensure their products can be restored and even improved with age, reducing waste and keeping traditional craft methods alive. Look after a Netherton Foundry pan and it’ll make the perfect, and practical, family heirloom for the next generation of cooks in your family!

You can find Netherton Foundry range in our Farmshops this summer.