Charcuterie from happy, healthy free-range pigs!

We love the incredible charcuterie produced by Porcus in West Yorkshire. Founded by farmers Sarah-Jane Clegg and Nat Clegg, the pair were keen to produce the kind of food they could be proud of.

Their traditional rare breed pigs are raised outdoors to the highest welfare standards at their small farm on the moors above the town of Todmorden. Their happy, healthy pigs can be seen out grazing the farmland and wallowing in the mud on a sunny day, just as nature intended.


Their classic back bacon is simply prepared. They never add any salt water when curing their pork, instead taking water away to enhance the flavour. They also produce a beautiful range of traditional charcuterie including coppa, air dried ham, lomo and what is often considered to be the king of cured meats; culatello. Culatello uses the muscular part of the hind legs. The meat is de-boned and cured in salt. Traditionally it is finished by being wrapped in a pig’s bladder and secured tightly with twine to create an incredibly soft and flavourful product.

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