Giving kid goats a future at Trecorras Farm


John and Julie Joseph moved to Trecorras farm in the idyllic Herefordshire countryside in 2010. John had long been involved in agriculture and grew up in the area. Julie is a chartered town planner who also runs her own consultancy. Little did they know, upon moving, they’d soon be spending hours kneeling in their barn teaching baby goats to suckle from a milking machine!

The goat milk industry has been steadily increasing in the UK with female goats playing an obvious role in goat milk production. However, male kids are often overlooked and regarded as a waste product of the dairy industry, resulting in a sad fate for the male of the species.


John and Julie believe that they can provide a healthy, happy environment for the animals by bringing them up to supply high quality meat and prevent the huge waste of kid meat in the dairy industry.

The male kids only have a few minutes journey from where they are born to their new home at Trecorras. The kids arrive at the farm at just a week old and are kept warm and cosy in specially designed and heated pens. This is where the couple now spend plenty of time, ensuring the baby goats are feeding well and are warm and comfortable. Once the goats are older, they have large open barns in which to play and jump; ensuring that they have the opportunity to live a good life.

Kid meat is nutritious and a healthy option with half the fat of chicken and high levels of protein and iron. Beautifully lean and tasty, you can find delicious Trecorras Farm kid meat in our Butchery at Gloucester Services now.