Mr Vikki’s, winner of 102 Great Taste Awards!

Mr Vikki’s, based in Cumbria, produce award winning chutneys, pickles and chilli sauces. When we say award winning, we’re not really doing justice to the armfuls of accolades Adam Marks of Mr Vikki’s has achieved! To date Adam’s creations have received 102 Great Taste Awards, regarded as The Oscars of the food industry. Mr Vikki’s has consistently been rewarded at the event since he launched the business in 2005.

Before launching Mr Vikki’s, Adam was a successful head chef in his adopted home of Cumbria. Adam became known for creating fantastic curries and Adam credits this period of is life for his chilli addiction!


In 2002, a new member of staff joined his kitchen with a name that many colleagues found difficult to pronounce. Adam explains;

“I asked his name and a cheeky Chef shouted ‘Call him Vicky’. Unbeknownst to me, Vikki is a common Indian Name. He said he liked the nickname, so we all called him Mr Vikki from then on. We became great friends.”

In 2005 Adam left his career as a chef and began to develop his range of Indian inspired products. The name stuck in Adam’s mind and when he came to name his fledgling chilli business, he thought it was the perfect fit.
“When I did my first Farmer’s Market in Penrith in 2005, I did chutneys, jams, fudge and puddings and named a few products after my friend Mr Vikki. These proved the most popular.”
chilli mr vikki
Adam makes everything by himself, by hand. He is dedicated to using fresh natural ingredients, containing no gluten, wheat or dairy. Everything is made in small batches with fanatical attention to detail, using local ingredients wherever possible.
Adam is always experimenting with a huge variety of different spices and ingredients to make his sauces so special. Some recipes can take years to develop but we can assure you they’re worth the wait!
“My personal favourite product is Hot Stuff Chilli Sauce. I keep it in the car and take it abroad with me too! It’s just a great way to add chilli heat to anything, perhaps because I’m a self-confessed chilli maniac!”
You can find Mr Vikkis in our Farmhops now.