Breathing new life into Moreton Wood!

Our handmade ‘Kindling Pimps’ are made for us at Moreton Wood, a beautiful 38 acre woodland in Herefordshire. The land is managed by Paul and Jo Morton who are dedicated to returning their woodland to its natural native tree and wild flower state.


When Paul discovered the neglected woodland in 2004, he fell in love and bought it! They soon moved to the wood and into a small caravan. They live very lightly on the land; making use of hand tools, horse power, solar panel technology and rain water harvesting. Jo and Paul have created a thriving business with conservation and woodland ecology in mind, utilising the method of coppicing.

This traditional method of woodland management is thought to date as far back as the Stone Age. Trees in dense areas of wood are periodically cut down to the stump to allow light and air to reach the woodland floor, allowing flora and fauna to thrive. They then produce natural and practical products from the timber that is coppiced.


One such product is the ‘Kindling Pimp’, an old method of transporting kindling. Each ‘Pimp’ is handmade and contains around 25 individual bundles of kindling. Full of natural oils, the birch wood kindling gives a lovely natural scent. They also make a beautiful addition to any fireplace!

You can find our ‘Kindling Pimps’ in our Gloucester Services Farmshop.