Welshman’s Caviar and Mermaid Confetti

The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company is the culmination of a deep love for the sea, the Pembrokeshire countryside and the desire to escape from the nine to five!

In 2010 Jonathan Williams took the plunge and decided to go part time at his office job so he could set up his mobile catering business, Cafe Môr. Jonathan was determined to put his love of Pembrokeshire produce to use. Following the success of his seafood street food pop-up, he launched a unique range of deli products in 2013 developed from recipes used in the street food scene.


Although as an Island nation, we’re well stocked with seaweed, it has never become a diet staple like it is in many other countries. However, that could soon be changing. Seaweed has been gaining popularity in recent years and even hailed as the latest superfood. There are thought to be as many as 10,000 varieties of seaweed. The most commonly harvested in the UK include laver, dulse, gutweed, wrack and kelp. Full of minerals and nutrients, not only is it good for us but it’s also a sustainable, local food source. With its deep savoury and salty flavour it makes a fantastic seasoning alternative to salt.

The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company’s first products included Welshman’s Caviar and Mermaid Confetti both made using handpicked premium laver seaweed from the Pembrokeshire coastline. It is dried and toasted to bring out its unique depth of flavour.

Welshman’s caviar was apparently coined by Richard Burton for his love of laverbread. The toasted laver flakes are fantastic in miso soups or stir-fries as well as simply sprinkled on top of your scrambled eggs or bacon butties. Their Mermaid Confetti combines Halen Mon Sea Salt crystals and dried laver and dulse seaweed to make an extraordinary seasoning which will add a new level of flavour to any dish.

You can find goodies from The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company in Gloucester Services Farmshop now.