Veau Beau Veal


Since setting out in the dairy industry William and Rosie, of Cawley Farm Herefordshire, became increasingly uncomfortable with the fact that male dairy calves were regarded as a waste product of the industry. To continue producing milk, cows need to have calves. Female dairy calves will continue in milk production but male dairy calves are not able to build the same muscle as a beef calf and tragically many dairy bull calves are shot at birth.

William and Rosie were determined to find a solution.

After extensive research, Rosie now believes that she could write a doctorate on the subject, they came to the conclusion that some life is better than no life and Veau Beau was created.

They are committed to only making meat from the dairy bull calves that have no alternative use. The season is very short, only lasting from 6 to 7 weeks; once in the spring and once again in the autumn.

David Bowles, head of public affairs at the RSPCA, has asked consumers to “please eat veal” and that the industry should be doing more to encourage it.

William and Rosie’s young bulls are nurtured and respected. They are reared in small family groups with lots of space to gallop around in and enjoy masses of comfy straw to sleep in. They are milk fed to create a beautiful final product.

William and Rosie work hard to ensure that their young bulls are given the very best life possible. You can read more about Veau Beau and the ethical decisions behind the business on their website

You can find Veau Beau veal in Gloucester Services Butchery this week.