Our New Bird Feeding Stations at Tebay Services

With the winter weather starting to bite and frost covering the Lune Valley each morning, it’s time to take that little bit of extra care over the local wildlife.

We’re lucky to have a very healthy wild bird population around the site, which includes Blue, Coal and Great Tit, Chaffinch, Robin and Wren. However, we are always hoping to attract more and continue to encourage wildlife diversity on all our sites.

Sadly, following Storm Ophelia in October, we lost a number of trees at Tebay Services. After some surgery by our regular tree surgeon, Julian, we plan to replace the lost trees with some new saplings this winter, including willow, conifer and holly.

Photo: Alan and Shane from Tebay Services Facilities Team installing the feeders.

In October we also installed the first of our new bird feeding stations at Tebay Services. On our northbound site we’ve installed feeders opposite the play area end of our Kitchen, an ideal spot for both birds and customers alike. On our southbound site we have installed nesting boxes and hope that in the coming year we can encourage some species such as the Blue Tit to breed.


Photo: A male House Sparrow enjoying the last of the summer’s berries at Tebay Services

We were able to purchase the bird feeding stations and nesting boxes with the donations that have kindly been dropped into our wishing well in our southbound pond area. All the money from the wishing well goes in to enhancing our beautiful environment.

Celebrate our stunning surrounding countryside with us by tagging your landscape photos of our site on twitter and Instagram with #TebayViews, we’ll be sharing ours too!

Photos taken by our Environmental Manager, John France.