Gulls at Tebay Services


Black-Headed Gull

We’re incredibly lucky to have such a talented team of colleagues across our business. Our enthusiastic Environmental Manager, John France, captured these fantastic photos at Tebay Northbound pond yesterday of a Lesser Black-Backed Gull, a Black-Headed Gull, and of course one of our Mallards!


Lesser Black-Backed Gull

“Whilst Lesser Black-Backed Gulls are not everyone’s cup of tea, there are some interesting facts about these large gulls with bright yellow legs.

When I was a kid, many, many years ago, the Lesser Black Backed Gulls were really a true sea gull, primarily living in colonies around the UK’s coast line. However over a period of time these gulls have been tempted inland by our food and rubbish. A small colony of about 30 nests breed on one of Penrith’s industrial estates, 17 miles north of Tebay Services.

In spring and summer, Lesser Black-Backed Gulls are regular visitors to our pond at Tebay Northbound, mainly coming from a small breeding colony located in an industrial quarry nearby. A number of these birds migrate to Southern Europe, with Portugal being a favoured area.

Some of the birds which visit us during the winter months can be from Scandinavia, along with birds which have bred in the UK.

Like them or loathe them, keep your eyes open for this species when you visit us!”

John France, Environmental Manager


We had to include one of our lovely Tebay Ducks!