Tregothnan Tea

Tregothnan in Cornwall is the private family owned estate of the Boscawen family. In the 1800’s an unparalleled collection of newly introduced plant species were brought to the estate and flourished thanks to a moderate and unique micro-climate that the Tregothnan experts say mimics the high foothills of the Himalayas.


The Camellia plant has thrived to such an extraordinary extent at the estate that the original introductions are now growing into their third century and still look youthful! Drawing on almost 200 years of experience in growing Camellias, they planted their first tea plants for production in 1999 and began supplying England’s first and only home grown tea in 2005.

The world’s number one beverage after water, tea is a drink that penetrates all cultures and continents. Despite the growing popularity of coffee, a daily cup of tea is still a ritual for many and has become a far more involved affair with the options available to us expanding rapidly as interest grows and greater variety is demanded.

As Tregothnan put it, ‘Quite simply, it is the drink that fuels Britain.’

Their experts blend a wide range of teas for every occasion and they’re available in our Farmshop now.