Typographic Specimens

Typographic Specimens is a collection of extraordinary creatures made entirely out of letter forms, numerals and punctuation marks. The book presents ‘species’ from the imagination of Andrew Bainbridge, a designer and graphic communications lecturer, taken from a fictional manuscript by his fictional ancestor, Reverend Jackson Whitehead.

Typographic Specimens is a beautiful book but Bainbridge has also spun a fascinating tale as a backdrop to his intriguing work…

Andrew uncovered a great many of his ‘ancestor’, Reverend Jackson Whitehead’s, belongings whilst renovating a farmhouse, set upon a high Cumbrian fell, that had been in his family since the fifteenth century. Amongst his findings were a large and interesting collection of the Reverend’s unique illustrations.

Andrew has brought the works of his ancestor, who served aboard the HMS Pica sister ship during Charles Darwin’s famous voyage in the 1830s, to life in this unique book available in our Farmshop now.