Hardiesmill Haggis

If you’re after Haggis to see in Burn’s Night on the 25th of January look no further than Hardiesmill. A family firm, run by Robin and Alison Tuke, Hardiesmill is a 482 acre farm located just outside Kelso in Berwickshire.


They specialise in the very highest quality beef and have a pure 100% Aberdeen Angus herd which are from the original Scottish bloodlines of the breed. The herd are fed pure grass or hay with few supplements over winter. This ensures the most natural growth of the beef, at a slower and more consistent rate. The grass fed method allows the beef to develop a distinctive taste of the area and the Tukes are keen to extend the concept of ‘terroir’ to their beef, which they believe sets Hardiesmill beef apart.

In October 2017 the Tukes hosted a royal event at their high welfare farm. Princess Anne visited the farm as part of her role as president of the Scotch Beef Club run by Quality Meat Scotland (QMS). Our Head of Butchery and Assistant Farmshop Buyer, Dave and Emily, were also in attendance. Princess Anne attended Hardiesmill to see a great example of innovative thinking and a pioneering approach to beef production.
Our Head of Butchery, Dave Morland, said of Hardiesmill,

‘We work with Hardiesmill as their ethos is similar to ours at Westmorland Family, with a strong focus on welfare and quality. We’ve been taking their haggis for 12 years now and believe its exceptional quality is down to the Tukes focus on breeding, feeding and handling.’

‘We don’t take Hardiesmill beef. Tebay Services is supplied with beef from our own family farm, the Dunning Family Farm, located in Tebay village. In Gloucester we use local beef in an effort to reduce food miles and support farmers local to the business there.’

You can find Hardiesmill’s exceptional haggis in our Farmshops now.