The Very First Cotswold Whisky!

The Cotswolds Distillery was established in 2014. Based in Stourton, Warwickshire, it’s the first full-scale distillery to be created in the area.

The distillery is the brainchild of Dan Szor, a native New Yorker who had been working in finance in London for many years. He decided to combine his love of whisky with his desire to start a new business away from the city. Having found a derelict site, he set about building Cotswolds Distillery which opened in July 2014, one of only a handful distilleries producing whisky in England.

Dan’s ambition was to distil a single malt whisky. In October 2017 their first Cotswolds Single Malt whisky was released, described as a rich, fruity whisky with a balance and depth of flavour that belies its young age. The team began to mature their whisky in September 2014. It has already won several accolades since its release which the team believe is down to the attention to detail during production and the quality of the base ingredients.

Right from the start, the team committed to using only local barley, grown in the Cotswolds. Once harvested their barley is taken to the maltings at Warminster, Britain’s oldest working maltings. The process has been the same for hundreds of years. The barley is turned on the malting floors by hand over several days.

When the barley is ready it returns to the distillery to be milled and mashed and then the fermentation begins. The fermentation at Cotswold Distillery continues for over 90 hours, considerably longer than the average fermentation length in whisky production. Finally the product is casked where the spirit rests for a minimum of three years and one day, to be deemed a whisky.

The Cotswolds Distillery has developed a delicious, traditional product in a unique setting and we’re pleased to stock their whisky alongside some of their other spirits in our Gloucester Farmshop.