LA Brewery, Expertly Brewed Kombucha by Louise Avery

LA Brewery have developed a range of naturally fizzy and refreshing drinks with the addition of Kombucha. Kombucha is a fermented, effervescent living tea full of friendly bacteria. Liz Avery brews her Kombucha using high-altitude chemical-free green and black teas in Suffolk and delicately flavours the tea, producing fizzy drinks with less sugar and natural health benefits.

Why make Kombucha?

The team at LA Brewery are passionate about sharing a rich and varied world of multiple cultures. They believe that due to often overly sterile environments, people have been stripped of natural immunity. They believe exposure is tolerance and that’s what they want to do – introduce life in all its richness back into bodies and minds.

So that’s why they started a fermented food brand, beginning with a range of delicious Kombucha with their SCOBY mother culture. They started with Kombucha because they wanted a fizzy drink with less sugar and a viable alternative to alcohol. Most of all, they wanted to make something that was delicious!

How is it made?

Their Kombucha is a naturally effervescent living tea full of friendly bacteria. Made using high-altitude chemical-free green and black teas, it is naturally-fermented at 25 degrees to produce a raw, living and delicious fizzy drink. The Kombucha is created by fermenting sweetened green and black teas with a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria & yeast). The yeast consumes the sugar, converting it into ethanol and co2, simultaneously the ethanol is consumed by the bacteria and converted into acetic acid which gives the Kombucha vinegary tones. A secondary fermentation technique is used, adding fresh ingredients to enhance the natural flavours of the Kombucha.

They’ve developed a delicious range including Strawberry and Black Pepper Kombucha, Lemongrass Kombucha and Ginger Kombucha. Try them now! They’re available in our Farmshops.