Sedbergh Soap Company

Sedbergh Soap Co. was initially setup as a farm diversification business. Founded by Dorthe Pratt in 2007, the company has won numerous awards for their soap products. Dorthe began making her own soap at their family farm at the foot of the Howgill Fells in Sedbergh. She was motivated by both her own skin problems and her frustration with the products available to help soothe the severe eczema she developed as a child, often aggravated by the harsh farm environment around her.


Dorthe’s products were all inspired by the natural ingredients available to her on the farm and her products are still all natural and between 70 – 99% organic. Along with standard industry tests, every product is tested on Dorthe’s own sensitive skin before they are released to the public and they are never tested on animals.


The company has developed a range of products since their initial launch over ten years ago. Everything in the range uses 100% pure essential oils and the natural colours come from the herbs and plants used, some of which they still grow on the farm.


Here at Tebay Services Hotel, we have used Sedbergh Soap Co. products for many years and you can find their Hand & Body liquid soap along with their most popular Lemongrass Soap Bar, a personal favourite of Dorthe’s, in all our bathrooms. The range is also available to buy at both the Hotel reception and Tebay Services Farmshop, just a few minutes walk form the Hotel.