Holdsworth Chocolates

In 1988 in Bakewell, Derbyshire, mother of five and chocolate lover, Barbara Holdsworth, rolled up her sleeves and started work. Driven by a passion for chocolate and the firm belief that a market existed for premium handcrafted chocolates, Barbara began to blend the best possible ingredients from around the globe to realise her dream.


Made to her unique recipes and exacting standards, the result was a range of delicious, world-class chocolates that quickly acquired a great reputation and Holdsworth Chocolates was born.

After running the business for 14 years, Barbara decided to hand the reigns to her daughter Genevieve, who had already spent 10 years working alongside her mother. The next chapter in the Holdsworth Chocolates story began.


Today, Holdsworth is still a family run business and their values of passion, quality and care remain the driving force behind the brand. They use only the finest ingredients, sourced both locally and from around the world, to create unique chocolate experiences that deliver the best flavours, tastes and textures.

Their process for making the chocolates has changed very little since they started creating chocolates in 1988. It involves the skill and experience to mix, form, cut and decorate every single one of their delicious treats.

We’re delighted to stock a wide range of Holdsworth Chocolates from their boxes including the exceptional Strawberry and Marc de Champagne truffles with Popping candy, to their seasonal treats. We currently have a selection of Easter gifts including their Hoppy Happy Easter Bunnies and Luxury Milk Chocolate Easter Egg with Crunchy Praline Truffles. Find the range in our Farmshop now.