Mossgiel Farm Milk

We’re pleased to stock a real variety of Scottish produce in our Farmshop including delicious locally sourced treats and the big names!
Our milk comes from Mossgiel Farm, just 25 miles from Cairn Lodge, a third generation family business which was previously run by tenant farmer and rather famous poet Robert Burns!

The business is now run by farmer, Bryce Cunningham, with the help of his nurse wife Amy. Bryce was faced with the devastating prospect of having to sell his dairy as the price of commercial milk continued to drop. Instead of saying goodbye to the farm, Bryce has developed the offer of the farm by focusing on quality over quantity and starting the two-year process to become organic.

Bryce has perfected their method of producing natural, non-homogenised milk. The milk is pasteurised to remove any bacteria and ensure the milk is safe to drink. However, homogenisation is an entirely separate process, applied to most mass produced milk. The process breaks down the fat molecules and prevents separation, often contributing to a longer shelf-life. Mossgiel Milk is not homogenised, meaning the milk has been through less processing and the cream will settle at the top of the bottle. Something we think really sets the natural milk apart!

The delicious milk is made by their beautiful herd of Ayrshire cows, ‘the Mossgiel Girls’, a traditional local breed who have produced milk in southwest Scotland for hundreds of years. The breed is believed to have originated in the county before 1800. During the breed’s development, it was referred to as the Dunlop, later the Cunningham, and finally, the Ayrshire cow.
The milk comes to us at Cairn Lodge directly from the farm, helping to create a sustainable future for the family. We think you’ll be able to taste the difference in quality when you try their milk so let us know what you think!