New Bees at Gloucester Services!

We have a new family of bees at Gloucester Services!

We installed our first beehive back in 2014 before we opened. The bee project is just one of many aimed at improving the bio-diversity of our site. Our service station roof, designed to blend in with the surrounding countryside, is seeded with a wildflower and grass seed mix to create a wildflower meadow, a perfect habitat for the new bee population.


Gloucester based charity Fair Shares, a partner of Gloucestershire Gateway Trust, played a key role in the installation and care of our beehives since opening. The project is just one of many that continue to cement our long term relationship with our community partners.

The new bees, now safely installed in a new hive, were discovered by a lady from Hucclecote, a community just a few miles from Gloucester Services, right outside her front door. Initially thinking they were wasps, she contacted the Council to see if they could be removed. After they were identified as bees, the Council advised that Fair Shares might be able to help. The team from Fair Shares went to assess the situation and knew they could. They skilfully scooped them up into a box to be safely re-homed.


Reyaz Limalia from Fair Shares says “With a box full of bees we rushed to Gloucester Services to rehouse them in a spare hive that we had set up in preparation of just such an event. We successfully transferred the bees into their new home and it’s just a waiting game now to see if they settle in and stay! The lady was really pleased we could take away the bees and that they would get a nice new home.”

The UK’s bee population has seen a dramatic decline in the last 20 years due to a combination of environmental factors including changes in agricultural techniques and an estimated loss of 95% of the UK’s wildflower meadows since the 1930’s. Bees play a crucial role in pollinating many commercial crops and are therefore essential to the UK’s economy. We’re pleased to be able to do our bit to help out the bee population of Gloucester.