House Sparrows and Swallows at Rheged

Our site here at Rheged, Penrith, is ideal for wildlife with its grass roof and pond, we’re lucky enough to host a variety of birds throughout the year.

This year we have 3 more pairs of nesting Swallows than we did in 2017. Look up above your head as you walk in through the main portcullis entrance, to see a pair nesting in the eves.


Our wildflowers are positively blooming this year. Keep your eyes peeled and you’ll find Oxeye Daisies, Forget-me-nots, and Red Campions on the banks of Carlsike Beck as it leaves our grounds.

House Sparrows have done particularly well this breeding season, with nests in the stone clad walls of the building, our Pyracantha hedge and our play area.


John France our Environmental Manager said,
“The construction and landscaping of Rheged has massively increased the bio-diversity at this location since the area was just a Greenfield site. The use of local stone for the building’s main walls along with a green roof, stonewalling along Redhills Lane and all the various types of planting provide excellent homes, shelter, food sources and breeding locations for many different species of flora and fauna.”

Edit: As of 4 July, all our Swallows have hatched!

Photos by John France