Serving Up a Proper Burger!

Our delicious homemade Burgers are already flying out of our Kitchens this summer! Our Beef Burger comes with our own homemade burger relish, crisp little gem lettuce and tomato and our Lamb Burger is a Moroccan-spiced burger with spicy sriracha, yoghurt and cucumber dressing, crisp lettuce and red onion. Make it your own and add bacon and cheese too.

Amelia, James and Gillian from the Southbound Kitchen at Gloucester Services recently gave us their verdict on the burgers.

1807 Colleague Burgers-10

Amelia tried a lamb burger for the very first time “I’d usually always go for beef but the toppings on the lamb burger appealed. It has really good seasoning and sauce.” At home, Amelia’s a big fan of making her own burgers, including healthy turkey burgers.

1807 Colleague Burgers-8 (1)

Gillian admits she doesn’t often eat burgers but when she does, she makes sure it’s a good one! “The new brioche bun is delicious. It’s much lighter than a normal roll. It goes really well.”

1807 Colleague Burgers-3

All agreed that the homemade relish and spicy sriracha, yoghurt and cucumber dressing were great additions to the juicy burgers. When recommending their favourite toppings, James summed it with, “You’ve got to have the bacon and cheese too, it’s the only way!”

You can find the burgers made by our Butchers are available in our Kitchen and you can take them home from our Farmshop too.

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