All About the Apples!

Autumn is just around the corner and there’s an abundance of new season produce available that we can’t wait to share with you. The humble English apple is one of the most popular and highly anticipated wonders of the autumn harvest and happily you don’t have to look much further than our Farmshop to find our selection of this beautiful fruit.

Over the course of this colourful autumn season an incredible variety of English apples become available, perfect for baking, cooking and of course just enjoying as they are, straight from the tree!


In the UK, we’re lucky enough to benefit from a climate that provides us with apples of unrivalled flavour. The mixture of moderate climate and adequate rainfall means that English apples grow more slowly than many imported varieties and are therefore able to develop their full flavour, giving us a wonderfully rounded final product.


If you’re lucky enough to have an apple tree in your garden then an apple picker is just what you need! We asked some of our colleagues to try out the apple pickers available now in our Farmshop.


Our colleagues: Claire and her son and Martin

Claire, our Community Manager, based at Tebay Services, had a go harvesting the fruit from her tree.

“It really works. My boys loved it. They were able to reach the apples at the top of our tree for the first time!”

Martin from our Forecourt at Gloucester Services, gave one a go too. Martin was able to reach the top of his tree with ease, ready to turn his lovely apples into crumble!

“It’s really easy to use. You just line up the apple and twist the pole and it just drops off into the basket. Perfect!”

Find our apple pickers in our Farmshop now.