OUR COFFEE – A new unique blend, created just for us!

For many, a morning without coffee is not a good morning. Equally a break from the motorway without a quick pick-me-up is not a break at all!

Traditionally we associate the Great British public as a nation of tea drinkers. However, the British Coffee Association (BCA) released figures in early 2018 that might consign the idea of the traditional British brew to the history books. The UK’s coffee consumption has grown significantly in recent years to 95 million cups a day in 2018.


Last year we sold nearly 3 million hot drinks across all our Westmorland businesses. That’s a big responsibility, one we take very seriously! As farmers ourselves, we need to understand the origin and history of a product to understand its quality. We’ve been working very closely with Lincoln and York, based just outside Hull, to select, source and roast the perfect blend of beans for our brand new coffee.

Brazil, Guatemala, Peru

Our specially selected beans come direct from 3 different farms: Fazenda Pantano, an 800 hectare farm in Brazil, award-winning for its sustainability; Finca El Guatalon, a third generation family farm in Guatemala and Cenfrocafe Cooperative in Peru, working to provide sustainable employment for the young people within their rural community.

Our beans are then roasted by the experts, Lincoln and York, in their custom built roastery where the progress of the bean is not only checked on by their state-of-the-art systems but by sight and smell too.


Each bean has travelled over 6000 miles and is touched by 10 people before it arrives in the hands of our Baristas, so there’s a lot of hard work behind every cup. However, it’s the final 30 seconds in the life of any coffee which makes all the difference and really decides if it’ll be truly delicious.

Our talented teams have been taking part in lots of Barista training recently to ensure they deliver a great cup every time. Beyond the practical of tamping the coffee and steaming the milk to perfection, our teams have been learning how to observe the tastes and aromas by ‘breaking the crust’ and getting as close to the freshly brewed single blends as possible.

coffee-training-abbigayle (1)

Each variety of bean brings a distinct flavour profile to our coffee. Our Brazilian beans give a great base, the Guatemalan beans add depth and body and our beans from Peru give a vibrant and fruity twist. We selected the three varieties of beans to produce a rich, smooth and full flavoured chocolatey blend which hits all the right notes. We can’t wait for you to try it!