It’s in the Yeast!

Sourdough is thought to be the oldest type of bread in the world. Made in the traditional way, using just flour, water and salt, the bread not only tastes better but is believed to come with a host of health benefits.

Which magazine recently investigated the ingredients of many commercially produced ‘sourdough’ loaves and discovered that most contained additional ingredients, not using traditional methods.


Hobbs House Bakery Sourdough at Gloucester Services

The key to a sourdough is the sourdough starter, a mixture of flour and water left to develop with the wild yeasts that are found all around us to create the basis of a great sourdough loaf. A sourdough starter requires time and effort, feeding and maintaining! In contrast commercial yeasts have been developed to be easier and quicker to use, therefore making commercial loaves cheaper to produce.

Alex, our Buyer, said,

“We are lucky to have several sourdoughs from four world class producers: Hobbs House Bakery and Bertinet Bakery at Gloucester Services, More? The Artisan Bakery at Tebay Services and Freedom Bakery at Cairn Lodge Services. None of them add anything that shouldn’t be there to their sourdoughs and to do so would be an anathema and go against everything they believe!”

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Freedom Bakery Sourdough at Cairn Lodge Services