Our Sheepskins

As farmers ourselves, we take a ‘nose to tail’ approach to Butchery. We treat our animals with the respect they deserve, we value and endeavour to use the whole carcass. Lamb from our family farm is served in our Cumbrian Kitchens and Farmshop so it makes sense to us that we make good use of the beautiful, natural sheepskins too.


“Whole carcass butchery in this day and age is a challenge. The lambskins have become more of a by-product now due to modernisation but we thought surely we can make something out of this. We thought it was a natural progression to retain the skins and find a tannery we could work with and produce a quality product.”

David Morland, Head of Butchery at Tebay Services

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Dave, salting sheepskins before sending them to Devonia tannery

Our Buyer, Tracey, worked with our Butcher, Dave, sending sheepskins from our farm to Britain’s oldest sheepskin tannery, Devonia in Devon.



Devonia tannery

They have been producing sheepskins for over 200 years using traditional methods and machinery and have turned our skins into rugs in traditional striking white and distinctive Herdwick grey, made from our Cumbrian Herdwick breed of sheep.



Devonia tannery

Once the sheepskins have been finished, Devonia’s work continues with some of the skins then stitched and stuffed to make our cosy, comfy pouffes, the perfect addition to any living room this winter. Our Buyer, Tracey, was keen to work with another independent business on our sheepskins. A fourth-generation family business, Draper of Glastonbury has been making sheepskin footwear since 1937 and Tracey knew they would create the ultimate snuggly slippers!

sheep skin product shoot slippers pouffe

Our sheepskin slippers, made by Draper of Glastonbury

“I’m really excited about this winter. We just like to see the end product really. We start with skins as a raw product and we’re getting them back as a finished product which really good and I’ve even bought one myself!”

Dave Morland

sheep skin product shoot pouffe slippers rug

Our cosy sheepskin rugs, pouffes and slippers are now available in our Farmshop.