The Most Important Meal of the Day

We all know that breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day, there to quite literally break the fast of the night and see us through whatever activities our morning includes. However, when we’re busy with work, our families and life’s responsibilities, it’s all too easy to think a cup of coffee will do until lunchtime. Those commuting long distances on a regular basis, on the road at the crack of dawn, understandably find it difficult to carve out some extra time in the morning to eat.


Countless studies have linked eating breakfast to good health. Breakfast gets your metabolism moving which helps you burn calories throughout the day and lowers your chances of being overweight, resulting in better general health. Beyond the physical benefits of eating breakfast, giving yourself the opportunity to take the time and sit down to eat breakfast can have a positive effect mentally too and allows your mind to slow down before the busy day begins.

We love breakfast and whilst the whole world seems to enter into strict diets in January, we think a bit of balance is always best! Our Kitchen offers full cooked breakfast options including locally sourced eggs and all the items you’d expect alongside the very tasty optional additions of Macsween’s haggis and black pudding!

20190108-dsc02095If you fancy a lighter option, you’ll find a wide variety of cereals, porridge and compote made by us, artisan pastries and locally made jams and preserves. Make sure you give our marmalade a try too! It’s made using the waste skins of the oranges squeezed for juice in our Kitchens. All the waste fruit goes to local preserve producers, Claire’s Handmade at Tebay Services and Cairn Lodge Services and Kitchen Garden for Gloucester Services, to make our delicious marmalade.

Our Kitchens are open every morning serving breakfast so if you can’t find the time at home, why not drop in and start your day with us?