From the Earth

Tracey, our Buyer, has curated this beautiful range of ceramics from small makers around the UK.

Paul Mossman makes his ceramics using methods close to those used to make some of the earliest wheel thrown pots. Paul Mossman studied ceramics at Chesterfield College from 1981. Our range includes beautiful tableware, plates, bowls, teapots, mugs and more.


“My inspiration comes from the landscape at large. I have photos of all the high mountains of Wales and The Lakes and most of Scotland, in all the seasons. Geology affects the landscape – it makes it after all – giving colours in rocks but also in raw minerals. These rocks inspire the pots, and these are completed by the food, in the same way as the micro-mosses and lichens provide the greenery and yellows in the rocks.”
Paul Mossman

Each Duck Ceramics piece is made and finished by hand in Alice Duck’s Bristol studio. In our Farmshop you’ll find a range of decorative planters, pots and tumblers.

Pottery Tebay Farmshop -6

“The technique I use is called slip casting. Commercially this process is used, along with machines to reproduce identical copies of one product, churning out hundreads of ‘perfect’ duplicates. There is something satisfying about imitating the machine – but with the ability to make every product individual. It might be a drunk mug, or a wonky vase, or the lines may not be as straight as they ‘should be’ but this is why I fell in love with handmade ceramics.”
Alice Duck

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Yuta Segawa is a Japanese ceramic artist. He learned his skills in Japan before moving to London. Each of his miniature pots are thrown individually by hand before finishing in one of his 500 original glazes which encompass the entire colour spectrum. He works with various clays such as porcelain, terracotta and stoneware, always experimenting with texture. Find his designs in our Farmshop now.