Walt’s Paper Co. at Gloucester Services

We’re lucky enough to be able to form close partnerships with small producers who are doing something brilliant and unique. We’re incredibly proud to work with 130 producers within 30 miles of our Farmshop and Kitchen here at Gloucester Services and this spring we’re delighted to bring a new range to our Farmshop from even closer to home!

Our very own Site Artist, Catherine, has created a beautiful range of greeting cards blooming with positivity. Catherine joined our team at Gloucester Services in 2016, overseeing displays and using her typography skills to hand write a lot of the signs used in our buildings. Naturally creative, Catherine studied photography at university but painting has always been her true passion.

“I’ve always been artistic and loved painting. It’s a hobby that continued throughout school and my time at university doing a photography degree.”

Catherine’s creative style has developed naturally throughout the years. Her inspiration has always been the natural world and natural form. Her designs blend together her love of calligraphy, using bold slogans, and her love of painting, surrounding the text with colourful floral motifs.

“It’s all about flowers for me! Every time I paint and draw I always end up featuring flowers, I’m inspired by their natural form and there’s something positive about flowers. My favourite flowers to paint and include in my designs have to be peonies.”

Several years ago, Catherine took the plunge and began creating and selling a range of stationary, cards and prints at local craft fairs, markets and online. After learning the basics of business, she curated a unique range to share with our Buyers here at Gloucester Services. Beyond the beautiful designs, the cards have been produced using 100% recycled paper and we’re delighted that this month we took our first delivery of Catherine’s cards in our Farmshop.