Are you a Butcher, a Baker or a Muesli Maker? Meet the Buyer Event Planned for Gloucester Services.

The award winning Gloucester Services is planning two day open house “Meet the Buyer” event to appeal to small & medium sized artisan producers making exceptional food, drink and craft in the Southwest on the 23rd and 24th of May.

Gloucester Services, part of the Westmorland Family, opened in 2014 on the M5 and is renowned for its local sourcing ethos. In the short five years since Gloucester Services opened, hundreds of local food producers have benefited and expanded their businesses by supplying the services.

Gloucester Services offers an accessible national “shop window” for regional food. They work with over 130 local producers, within 30 miles—but are looking to develop and extend their supplier base with new and innovative products. The event extends to craft and homewares and giftware as well as food.

Julie Mills, Commercial Director says, “Fresh local and artisan produced products are at the heart of Gloucester Services, no franchises just our own Farmshops & Kitchens. We pride ourselves on selling and making proper food that reflects the regions in which we trade. We work tirelessly to find small exceptional producers to take pride of place in our Farmshops and Kitchens, always starting locally.”

“We want Gloucester Services to act as a springboard for new businesses. Maybe you’re a brilliant home baker and want to start up a business, a farmer who would like sell his stock direct rather than via a wholesaler. We’re looking for exceptional products made with care and integrity.”

The unique “drop in” sessions require no appointment but producers are invited to bring their products and meet a buyer for a face to face chat, receiving valuable feedback form the team.

Meet the Buyer Events are planned for 23 & 24 of May
At Southbound Gloucester Services
23 May – 11.30 – 5.30
24 May – 9.00 – 11.00
The event is a drop in session and no appointment necessary.

For further information or images contact:

Jennifer Middleton at Lemon Zest on or ring 01757 268283 or 07708 155501